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Mindcamp Connect is a global community of self identified explorers. We come together to play, learn and connect so that we can create positive change in our personal, professional and social lives. By joining Mindcamp Connect, you will:

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What is Mindcamp Wave?

Based on twenty years of ground-breaking Mindcamp Canada conferences and the power of Internet, Mindcamp Wave was born. We're stretching beyond passive, one-way webinars and virtual conferences to a truly engaging online experience designed to grow ideas and stimulate action. Mindcamp Wave is a monthly opportunity to play, learn, connect — and grow. Think of it as a kind of interactive magazine where you get to:

  • Learn and interact with presenters and participants to bring the best version of your vision to life. 
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The next Mindcamp Wave is👇

April 2021 Wave: Loving Mother Nature

We invite you to join us on a series of explorations on self, the environment, and their spiritual intersection.  

  • How can your character strengths benefit both the environment and your own well-being?
  • How can you use the sacred knowledge of the First People and yours to sustain Mother Earth’s capacity for life?

You will be gifted with Nature’s deepest truths, and emerge a new sense of your relationship with Mother Earth, and your place within her ecosystem. 

We will begin the Wave by exploring our relationship with mother earth through Authentic Climate Warriorship, a 3 part series lead by Megan Mitchell & Patrick Trombetta. Mindfulness, authentic use of character strengths and connection to nature are the most effective tools in promoting personal well being and a positive relationship towards our planet. In this 3 part series, you will harness your signature strengths to become a powerful climate warrior.

As we deepen our awareness of what it means to be a paradigm warrior, we invite you to experience the sacred reciprocity of our spring renewal and connection to Mother Earth with Erin Dixon, Ashati Sakahikan, & John Rice, Zahgausgai “Sun Ray”. Bemaadsijig: All living things leading together is a 2 part series, where Erin & John share First People's traditional knowledge and welcome and celebrate yours to align our inherent creative power to the path of becoming Climate Warriors.

About April Facilitators

Erin Dixon, Ashati Sakahikan, belongs to the crystalline waters of Skeleton Lake in the traditional territories of the Anishinabek Peoples in Williams Treaty territory. A member of the Métis Nation of Ontario, she works with many Nations from across Mother Earth. She is a lead faculty and researcher at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and is involved in manifold movements to protect Indigenous Rights. Her practice is informed by her MA in Global Leadership from Royal Roads University. Erin bridges spheres of knowing, weaving pathways to possibility. 

John Rice, Zahgausgai “Sun Ray”, Mukwa “Bear Clan”, is an Ojibwa and a 3rd Degree member of the Three Fires Midewiwin Society. John’s life work has been as an Elder, Healer, and Teacher, protecting the life force of his People. His skill in weaving Traditional Knowledge and Teachings into mainstream work has made him a leader of community wellness for over 30 years. John is a Storyteller, Big Drum Carrier, Ceremonialist, Singer and Dancer. His greatest joy is watching Ojibwa youth learn and practice the culture.

Megan Mitchell

believes in soaking up growth like a plant during photosynthesis. Megan has spent over 20 years in Innovation, Leadership, Marketing and Sales, including 13 inspiring years at Mindcamp. She is a consultant, speaker, author and educator who seeks to help people use their creative energy to discover unique paths to greater business success and personal fulfillment. Having recently completed her Certificate in Positive Psychology, Megan has much to teach us about our own Character Strengths, and what they have to do with Mother Earth.

Patrick Trombetta combines Mindfulness, Character Strength, and Nature Connectedness to teach environmental advocacy. He discovered contemplative practices through his own spiritual journey, and implements them in his true calling: protecting the natural world. He is a co-founder of the Cary, NC Green Energy Coalition, an advocacy group leading the town of Cary, NC to pioneer a transition to a carbon-free future. Before returning to his first love of psychology, Patrick earned his MBA at Harvard University and led sales teams in the medical device industry for 20 years.

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