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What is Mindcamp Connect?

Mindcamp Connect is a global community of self identified explorers. We come together to play, learn and connect so that we can create positive change in our personal, professional and social lives. By joining Mindcamp Connect, you will:

  • Connect with one of the finest global creative communities in the world.
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What is Mindcamp Wave?

Based on twenty years of ground-breaking Mindcamp Canada conferences and the power of Internet, we're excited to announce the launch of Mindcamp Wave. We're stretching beyond passive, one-way webinars and virtual conferences to a truly engaging online experience designed to grow ideas and stimulate action. Mindcamp Wave is a monthly opportunity to play, learn, connect — and grow. Think of it as a kind of interactive magazine where you get to:

  • Learn and interact with presenters and participants to bring the best version of your vision to life. 
  • Deep dive into the monthly Wave, featuring purpose-driven, powerful themes relevant to our changing world. 
  • Access all workshops for a low monthly fee, a fraction of what you'd pay to attend each one individually.
  • Plus, become part of the Mindcamp Connect community.

The next Mindcamp Wave is👇

January 2021 Wave: Renewal

Many of us will be happy to Wave 👋 good-bye to 2020 — an annus horribilis if ever there was one. And yet with all its misery, 2020 has also given us a new perspective on our deepest needs — for safety, connection, and purpose.

The beginning of a new year is a natural time to review our lives and make commitments to improve, but despite our best efforts, these intentions rarely translate into lasting change. If you know how it feels to break your promises to yourself, you are not alone.

But there is good news: Research has found strategies that work. January's Mindcamp Wave will extract the most powerful lessons from that research and offer constructive recommendations to help you create your own, personalized change-making toolbox.

January’s core programs are presented by Newell Eaton, who will introduce you to powerful, research-based change strategies and give you a chance to test them out in real time. Newell's three-part program covers:

  • The power of habit
  • Clarifying the habits to focus on
  • Changing when change is hardest

Newell is a creative change agent who is passionate about helping people make positive change stick — in their lives, organizations, and communities. He is an avid student of productive change methodologies and works with leaders and teams using a creative mix of the approaches shared by the leading thinkers in the field. Newell has been one of the most influential presenters at Mindcamp, CREA, and the Creative Problem Solving Institute for over 25 years.

Duane Wilson kicks off January's Wave with SOAR into 2021. Duane will show you how to reset, refocus, and become a resilient force for achieving both the amazing and the unexpected. He will challenge you to think and act courageously — in your life, your business, and your community.

A 13-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Duane is passionate about engaging heart and mind, analysis and creativity, in service of productive change. He currently serves as the CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Joseph County, Indiana and is founder of SOAR Consulting. He is also the former Chair of the Creative Education Foundation.

Those who've worked with Duane call him The Secret Sauce Cultivator!

Delphine Batton will lead a series short Yoga Nidra practices to help you get the most of this month’s Wave.

Yoga Nidra aims to expand your self-awareness, and help your whole self (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) become ready for newness to emerge.

Delphine is an actress with France's L.A.P.A.L.M. theater company and a creativity facilitator and coach for artists. She co-founded Persephone House, cultural cooperative. For 10 years she worked at Orange (Telecom) Management University in Paris, where she helped senior executives succeed in their transformation programs using collective intelligence tools, trainings and team coaching.

Tim Hurson offers Success for a Change. Over and over, we break our self-commitments. What if there were a way to make keeping them as natural as breathing?

Come and experience the surprise of a simple practice that can doubleyour chances of keeping your self-promises. Almost effortlessly.

Tim is one of the founders of Mindcamp. He has written several books about creativity. Among his greatest pleasures are the chances he has to share what he has been taught and what he has been lucky enough to stumble across.

Sophie Harvey closes the Wave with Zoomdanza for Change Zoomdanza is a transformative practice using movement, music and interactions. Dancing skills are not necessary. But comfortable clothing is!

This 90-minute session will introduce you to the magic of emptiness, a vessel to be filled with something new — providing the experience of feeling alive in the here-and-now beyond effort and mental projections.

We often think that change requires grinding effort. But an alternative path may be available: one that flows like a river, circumventing obstacles with fluidity and harmonizing what we think, what we feel, and what we do.

A hydraulic engineer by training and a 10-year career, Sophie decided to re-focus on what she was deeply meant for: helping people evolve in their inner selves and become more aligned to what they are inside. She now works with three kinds of clients: self employed, artists, and professionals in quest for self-realization.

Each Mindcamp Wave includes welcome and closing sessions,
plus a few surprises.

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