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What is Mindcamp Connect?

Mindcamp Connect is a global community of self identified explorers. We come together to play, learn and connect so that we can create positive change in our personal, professional and social lives. By joining Mindcamp Connect, you will:

  • Connect with one of the finest global creative communities in the world.
  • Discover ways to become the best version of you through free online workshops and events.
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  • Share your work with the community and get discovered.

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What is Mindcamp Wave?

Based on twenty years of ground-breaking Mindcamp Canada conferences, we're excited to announce the launch of Mindcamp Wave. We're stretching beyond passive, one-way webinars and virtual conferences to a truly engaging online experience designed to grow ideas and stimulate action. Mindcamp Wave is a monthly opportunity to play, learn, connect — and grow. Think of it as a kind of interactive magazine where you get to:

  • Learn and interact with presenters and participants to bring the best version of your vision to life. 
  • Deep dive into the monthly Wave, featuring purpose-driven, powerful themes relevant to our changing world. 
  • Access all workshops for a low monthly fee, a fraction of what you'd pay to attend each one individually.
  • Plus, become part of the Mindcamp Connect community.

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October: Your Brain Waves

October's wave starts with two programs, one by Tim Hurson and one by Francois Coetzee. These will explore the strange ways our minds work — sometimes to our advantage, sometimes not. They’ll be interactive, surprising, and fun.

The deep-dive, core program is scheduled in three 90-minute slots over a period of three days. It’s called Your Brain on Neuroscience, with Dr. Marc Hurwitz. In it, you’ll discover how you can use the latest neuroscience research to boost your brainpower. You’ll learn unexpected ways to make yourself smarter, improve your creativity, and optimize your brain—and the brains around you! 

The next program complements mind wth body. It's a stunning interactive workshop by Sophie Harvey that demonstrates how you can use your body to activate and energize your brain and improve its focus and performance.

We end the wave with a practical program by Francois Coetzee on how to ‘rewire’ your brain for more flexibility so you can crush unproductive thinking habits.

And we cap off the entire tsunami with an end-of-month group gathering to wrap your head around it all!

October Wave Schedule

All programs start at 12 noon EST. Sessions are either 45 or 60 minutes. The deep-dive, core program is 90 minutes per sesssion.

Oct 14 - Monkey Mind, Gator Brain, and the Elephant’s Tether with Tim Hurson

Oct 16 - Sideways with Francois Coetzee

Your Brain on Neuroscience with Dr. Marc Hurwitz

  • Oct 19 - Part 1 (90 min)
  • Oct 21 - Part 2 (90 min)
  • Oct 23 - Part 3 (90 min)

Oct 26 - Full Body Creativity with Sophie Harvey

Oct 28 - Neurobics with Francois Coetzee

Oct 30 - That’s a Wrap with and for everyone

November: Art and Being

Our November Mindcamp Wave is called Art and Being, where we'll use the arts and our creative and intuitive side to gain personal insights and possibly new intentions. You do not need to be skilled in arts in any shape or form to participate in November's program.

To set the stage, we start with Art and Me by Lisa Baxter, where we explore how every one of our experiences contributes  to the person we become. Part reflection, part self-discovery, you will explore what art has done for you.

Followed by Taking a Line for a Walk (and Connecting the Dots) by Kaz Ogino where we will loosen up those visual muscles and open you to new avenues. 

The core program for November is called A River Runs Through It by Russell Thomas. The three 90-minute sessions offers a journey of reflection and appreciation that will lead to personal insights, intentions, and an absolutely profound work of art that will be entirely your own.  Along the way you’ll learn some painting techniques that you can use in future projects. 

Following Russell's program, we'll join Philippe Brasseur in the The Art of Looking where you'll be asked to forget everything you know about art and get ready for an experience in “creative looking”. 

Followed by Words and Being by Crystal Lahan, a self-reflective workshop, where you will explore how words can be used to motivate, celebrate, and express our most authentic selves. 

Each wave will include a welcome and a closing session.

November Wave Schedule

All programs start at 12 noon EST. Sessions are either 45 or 60 minutes. The deep-dive, core program is 90 minutes per sesssion.

Nov 9 - Welcome to November Wave

Nov 11 - Art and Me with Lisa Baxter

Nov 13 - Taking a Line for a Walk with Kaz Ogino

A River Runs Through it with Russel Thomas 

  • Nov 16 - Part 1 (90 min)
  • Nov 18 - Part 2 (90 min)
  • Nov 20 - Part 3 (90 min)

Nov 23 - The Art of Looking with Philippe Brasseur

Nov 25 - Words and Being with Crystal Lahan

Nov 26 - That’s a Wrap with and for everyone

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